Cone Beam CT


We have the latest in high definition Cone Beam CT scanners in house. This allows us to accurately diagnose and treatment plan advanced cases this saves you having to go to another radiology office and then return for results. It also means we get exactly what we want in the scan. Our scanner has technology that ensures the lowest radiation dose possible- up to 10X lower than a medical CT, but with much higher definition.

With this information, we can see all the teeth, bone, nerves and blood vessels and then make extremely accurate diagnoses. It also helps in treatment planning for implant cases as we can place the implants virtually and minimise the risks for the actual surgery.

Latest Dental Chair


Our chairs are the latest in technology from Finland. They are ergonomically designed for the patient and the dentist and incorporate memory foam cushions to make them very comfortable. An important aspect in choosing these chairs was their ease of disinfection and their ability to self-clean their waterlines. One of the main sources of infections from other dental offices is the dental unit water lines (DUWL). The low volume of water and long periods of stagnation allow microbial biofilms to grow to dangerous levels. This contaminated water then enters the patient’s mouth during treatment and can cause infection. These chairs are designed to meet the much stricter European guidelines and, combined with Ozonated water, we essentially run sterile water lines. The chair flushes and cleans the lines daily (and hourly) as part of its inbuilt programs, to ensure cleanliness.

Digital Intra Oral X-rays


We only use digital x-rays which allow a rapid capture of the image and as little as 10% of the dose of traditional x-rays. The image is displayed on the screen just seconds after exposure, significantly reducing the time needed for an intraoral X-ray examination compared to imaging plates or conventional film.

Dental Lab – Itero & 3shape


We have an in-house Dental Laboratory at NDS, allowing on-site fabrication of all crowns, bridges, dentures and other work. By bringing this on-site, we can ensure the quality of the restoration and Dr. Giblin can check on all stages of the work during treatment. This contrasts most other Dental Practices where your work is sent away to be fabricated and the Dentist has little control. It also means the technicians can meet the patients and assess the case and the shades in person, rather than a vague written prescription.

Our experienced team are the leaders in Digital Dentistry, we utilise the CAD/CAM equipment within our practice.



Ozone is a highly effective anti-microbial which can effectively be used in the preventive treatment of dental decay and gum disease. We use Ozone for post-operative Periodontal and oral surgeries. Ozone is also a disinfecting agent used in our chairs to flush our Dental Unit Water Lines (DUWL) to stop the biofilm from building up.

Intraoral & Extraoral Camera


Digital photography is used extensively in our practice to take records, help diagnose, plan and to demonstrate problems to patients. We use a combination of cameras, one being a tiny intraoral camera to take photos in the mouth and a Macro Digital SLR camera with WiFi capabilities to demonstrate and educate our patients.

Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF


PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) process is based on centrifugation of whole blood without anticoagulants.

During this process, growth factors are slowly released when the blood has formed a clot. This clot will then be used to assist with Sinus lift, Implantology, Bone grafting, Healing, Periodontology and Extractions to improve the soft tissue and bone healing.

Infection Control


Infection control is something we take very seriously at Northern Dental Specialties. From our state of the art dental chairs with computer controlled self-cleaning functions to daily ozone disinfection of waterlines, we go well beyond the standard of care in hygiene.  We have a state of the art Melag Autoclave and DAC Machine to sterilise our dental instruments and handpieces- all our machines are regularly tested and verified by external technicians and we have a daily suite of tests to ensure the machines are working optimally. All our staff are educated in the latest infection control techniques and we ensure all critical instruments are barcoded and tracked for each procedure.