Prosthodontists are the only dentists specially trained in aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry (there is no such thing as a specialist “cosmetic dentist”). They are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of cosmetic cases from simple to advanced, including the teeth, surrounding tissues, lips and face.

Through thorough diagnosis, in-depth consultation with the patient, a good eye for detail and meticulous treatment, optimal cosmetic and functional results can be achieved. Dr. Giblin will often go to the extra length of a “mock up” and try-in stage to see how the final result will look, feel and function for the patient.

Dr. Giblin often enlists the help of Orthodontists and Periodontists to ensure not only the teeth look their best, but that the gums, and the positioning of the teeth are at their optimal. Dr. Giblin prides himself in natural, minimally invasive and long lasting treatment.

Tooth Whitening


We offer take home and in-clinic tooth whitening, and often incorporate this into our complex treatment plans.

Dr. Giblin has experience in many types of bleaching systems and will recommend a solution that will work best for your case. We do not offer “laser” whitening as evidence shows they are not any more effective than normal whitening procedures, they carry more risks, potential burning and damage to the nerves of the teeth due to the heat generated.

The advantage of take home bleaching is you can control the amount of whitening and the trays can be reused whenever you want a “top up” by simply purchasing some more bleach refills (generally under $50). Our in-clinic bleaching uses a much stronger whitening agent, and protective barriers need to be placed on your gums to protect them from the risk of burns which can occur with the stronger products.